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We have everything you need to keep all kinds of washrooms spotless and sanitary. Hand dryers, bins, as well as a variety of dispensers and their related consumables are available. These, and more, can all be ordered from our unrivalled selection of washroom supplies in South Africa.

Liquid dispensers: we offer a broad range of easy-to-use hand soap or sanitiser dispensers which can be refilled with easy-to-use sachets that prevent spills. Some dispenser models can be fitted with either drip, spray, or foam nozzles, depending on the type of hand soap or sanitiser in use. An alternative to these more advanced dispensers are simple elbow-type dispensers using normal pump nozzle bottles.

Paper towel dispensers: These help to keep paper hand towels neat, clean, and dry until dispensed. They are available in three main types, according to paper stock. They are for use with barrel roll paper towels, feeding from the inside diameter of the roll, conventional paper rolls, feeding from the outside diameter, and folded paper towels, for use in electric sensor dispensers – available in plastic or stainless steel.

Toilet roll & seat wipe dispensers: Lockable toilet roll dispensers can store multiple toilet rolls, from two to five, while eliminating removal or damage of reserve paper stock.

Hand Dryers: While not necessarily a replacement for paper hand towels, hand dryers provide a convenient alternative, as well as a backup for when paper stock runs out.

Washroom Bins: Not everything in a washroom is suitable for flushing, so a variety of bins can help minimise plumbing disasters. Using the correct bin for the right applications also promotes better bathroom hygiene. For example, we can supply stainless steel or plastic bins for the disposal of sanitary products, as well as wall-mounted bins for waste paper (also available in plastic or stainless steel). Additionally, you can add your required bin liners to your recurring orders. To keep urinals smelling fresh, we also supply urinal screens.

How To Select The Right Washroom Cleaning Products?

We have everything a well-equipped cleaning team needs to tackle any washroom project and we also have it in bulk! For carrying and dispensing cleaning fluids, we have clear spray bottles, as well as colour-coded spray nozzles to help teams easily identify the contents. Our personal protection selection is also extensive, including plastic aprons, mop caps, and many kinds of gloves for various washroom cleaning purposes.

Bulk Orders from Africa Floorcare

We are one of South Africa’s largest suppliers of washroom dispensers. Our high-quality cleaning and hygiene products for domestic and industrial washroom use are readily available nationwide. Browse our selection today and don’t hesitate to order what you need from our friendly team – bulk quantities are always welcome!
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