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We offer a large selection of high-quality wholesale brushware and other cleaning products. Our collection includes toilet brushes, brush and dustpan sets, indoor and outdoor brooms (with both hard and soft bristles, in wood or plastic), rakes, as well as a variety of hand brushes.


Although simple, few cleaning products are more ubiquitous than the humble broom. Our catalogue includes brooms for indoor use (soft brooms, house brooms) and outdoor use (hard brooms, industrial brooms). They are available in both plastic and wood, as well as colour-coded for any team’s convenience.

Dustpan & Brush Sets:

A simple and effective combo for finishing off even the most challenging sweeping jobs - getting rid of swept-up dust with efficiency and ease.

Toilet Brushes & Toilet Brush Sets:

Toilet brushes are available in several designs, both as separate brushes and as brush and holder sets. These are well-designed and durable, providing long-lasting cleanliness.

Scrubbing Brushes:

Available in both plastic and wood, and even in several shapes for those hard to reach places, these make light work of tough dirt, getting into all the nooks and crannies.


The best solution for gathering up fallen leaves and other garden refuse, we offer a wide selection of rake styles for almost any kind of application.

How To Choose The Correct Brushware?

Efficient cleaning relies largely on using the right tool for the job. To arm a team with the best equipment, there are a number of questions one could ask to help identify the correct type of brushware. Firstly, is the cleaning area indoors or outdoors? For example, is it a shopping mall, an office, a commercial kitchen or a public bathroom? Or is it a more challenging environment to clean, such as an automotive workshop or a building site? Are there tight spaces and corners? Are the cleaning areas wet, dry, or a combination? Do oil or chemicals need to be cleaned up? Answering these questions will help narrow down the most appropriate brushware and materials for your needs.

For example, brooms come with two different bristle types, namely flagged and unflagged. Flagged bristles have soft, bushy ends, and are best suited for sweeping up fine dirt on smooth floors and dry areas. This could include sweeping up flour and other baking ingredients in a bakery, sweeping up hair in a hair salon, sweeping up dust inside a restaurant, and so forth. Unflagged bristles, on the other hand, perform best when large debris needs to be swept up, in wet or oily conditions, or on rough, uneven surfaces. This includes street sweeping, construction sights, workshops, and areas that benefit from harder bristles.

Stock Up at Africa Floorcare

We offer a full range of wholesale brushware and cleaning products, covering over 12 extensive categories. We also have the flexibility to offer you exactly what you need and in the quantities you require. Don’t settle for anything less than good quality brushware in South Africa. Get your order in with our reliable, friendly team!,

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