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We offer an extensive range of quality cleaning equipment and consumables for all kinds of industries and applications. From feather dusters and cleaning gloves to mops, dust masks, plastic aprons, and refuse bags. In fact, we have one of the widest selections available in South Africa!

Feather Dusters: Whether made with real feathers or synthetic fibres, these are invaluable for cleaning hard-to-reach places, for instance along ceiling cornices and on top of cupboards and shelves, as well as the nooks and crannies behind shelves and even heavy furniture.

Gloves: These have a simple function — providing protection for the wearer. Our catalogue includes synthetic leather gloves, which are more breathable and durable i.e. suitable for tasks like gardening. We also stock latex gloves, both as heavy-duty industrial gloves and thinner, more tactile, disposable examination gloves. For people with latex allergies, a nitrile examination glove is also recommended and available.

General Consumables: Our range also includes both black and clear refuse bags, available in bulk order quantities. Furthermore, we offer a large selection of personal protective equipment, including colour-coded mop caps, thick plastic aprons, disposable thin plastic aprons, dust masks, both with and without valves, and ear plugs for hearing protection.

How To Choose The Correct Cleaning Consumables?

Selecting the right consumables for the job almost always comes down to application. Are you stocking up for the cleaning of offices or hotels? We have everything a well-equipped cleaning team needs.

Feather dusters are obviously a must for corners and crevices. For carrying and dispensing cleaning fluids, we have clear spray bottles, as well as colour-coded spray nozzles to help you easily identify the contents. These can be conveniently carried in a plastic caddy, enabling workers to easily transport and store cleaning supplies.

When it comes to cleaning consumables for the restaurant and food industry, all staff members need to keep clean and hygienic, both for their own comfort and protection, as well as for food safety concerns. Plastic aprons, mop caps, and gloves are ideal for this purpose. In addition, refuse bags are always in demand for disposing of food waste, which is typically disposed of in black bags. Clear bags are ideal for recyclable waste, such as glass bottles, clean paper and cardboard, as well as aluminium cans.

There are a number of industrial applications where a variety of consumable personal protective equipment is needed too. In any noisy work environment, such as factories and workshops, hearing & hand protection is vital.

On electronics assembly lines, latex or nitrile gloves provide both protection for the worker and shields the product from contamination. Finally, since there can be many airborne pollutants in factories, workshops, and construction sites, dust masks provide the wearer with a great level of protection from breathing in foreign particles.

Wholesale Orders at Africa Floorcare

We offer a wide range of wholesale cleaning products, covering numerous categories. In fact, our selection is really difficult to beat and we even manufacture a large part of our collection from our own facility in Johannesburg. Many of our products are sold either as intact sets or as separate items, meaning you also get the flexibility and quantities you need.
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