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Whatever a business might need to get every surface cleaned to a spotless shine, our selection has them covered with just the right materials! As one of South Africa’s largest wholesale cleaning supply companies, our cleaning cloths are available for bulk order and includes cloths for usage in almost any type of environment!


These cloths are very smooth, highly absorbent, and also durable. They’re most commonly used in car washes, where the soft and lint-free nature makes it ideal for washing bodywork and windows without leaving scratches!

Yellow Dusters:

These bright cloths are made from 100% cotton, and are commonly used for wiping down general surfaces and applying furniture polish to wooden furniture.

Dish Cloths & Swabs:

As the name suggests, these cloths are used for washing and drying dishes, and for wiping down kitchen surfaces.

Dust Absorption:

This type of cloth is oil impregnated, allowing the dust to cling to the material and not leaving streaks or residue on surfaces like appliances.


These cloths are made from very fine, synthetic nylon and polyester fibres. They have a slight static electricity charge, which helps to trap dust. They are soft and multi-purpose, and have a low tendency for linting, making them suitable for use on sensitive surfaces like TV and laptop screens.


This cloth is made from cotton that’s been woven on circular knitting machines. Its name is derived from its original purpose as a material used for wrapping in the meat industry. But as a soft and highly-absorbent cloth, with incredible wet strength, it’s also suitable as a cleaning, washing, and polishing cloth.

Needle Punch:

Also known as a hospital cloth this resembles the loosely-woven material used in punch needle embroidery. However, ours is a soft, absorbent, durable, low-lint, and a semi-disposable multi-purpose synthetic cleaning cloth.


This type of cloth is made from non-woven synthetic material, similar to that used in wet wipes. They are available in rolls or multi-coloured packs, and are intended as multi-purpose, absorbent, disposable or semi-disposable cloths.

How To Select The Most Effective Cleaning Cloth?

Are you looking for an effective material to clean office spaces? This type of environment comes in many shapes, sizes and configurations, including different surface types too. Whether it be individual offices, cubicles, or boardrooms, versatile solutions like microfibre and spunlace cloths will rise to any challenge in a corporate space.

How about restaurants and the food industry? Food safety is a big concern when it comes to cleaning materials in this sector. Therefore, many establishments opt for cloths and other cleaning products which are colour-coded for appropriate use. This is a reliable method for preventing cross-contamination between food groups in the kitchen.

Are you stocking up for a car dealership or cleaning service? Because when it comes to cleaning cars to a showroom shine, nothing beats the humble chamois cloth. Owing to their soft, lint-free nature, they’re the ideal choice for washing vehicles of all sizes. To clean interiors, the versatility and gentle effectiveness of microfibre cloths are also hard to beat.

Stock Up at Africa Floorcare

We offer a full range of wholesale cleaning products, covering a variety of categories, and even manufacture some of our own items locally for nationwide supply. This is how we have the flexibility to offer you exactly what you or your clients need to get the job done well and on time! We also provide cost-effective solutions with many of our products sold either as intact sets or as separate items for your most convenient distribution or application.
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